Progressive is back on Revealed Recordings… With elegance and catchiness!
The notable Dutch artist Jimmy Clash has returned to Revealed Recordings after the winter break with a kinetic and emotional production, collaborating the with Korean artist Vanto and the female vocalist Oumnia. The result is a splendid groovy and colourful vocal tune, titled “Golden Skies”.

Jimmy Clash is a surprising name, talking about progressive. His acid style (present in anthems like “Walk Away” and “Party Tribe”, is more electro-house oriented… Vanto, on the other hand, has released previously in Armada’s sublabel, Armada Trice, with a calm progressive release called “Lights Out”. Both artists have influenced this release equally, with Vanto’s melodic vibe and Jimmy’s aggressive sounds standing out on the track. A beautiful and unexpected combination! The breakdown brings in a sultry vocal from Oumnia with subtle pads, piano and drums in the backdrop. The atmosphere of the breakdown is that of a sublime and delightful evening.

The tone of the breakdown escalates, introducing the riser which gives away to a vivid and charming drop. The drop impacts with classical dutch signature progressive-house synths playing a relishing and catchy melody, striking the perfect amount of energy. It’s very energetic and follows a wonderful melody, making “Golden Skies” one step further the other progressive releases of this period! Its secret is the magic balance between aggressiveness and sentimentalism. A perfect drop after the eloquent breakdown!

“Golden Skies” is definitely another adept release from Revealed! the artists undoubtedly did a very creative and brilliant job in writing this track.