Picture yourself, a quiet kid in the back of the class. Antisocial and way too shy to make contact with others... This quiet kid found his light when he came in contact with the arts of performing on stage. He became so obsessed with it that even though he feared the feeling of going on stage, he still kept on going in pursuing his new found passion.

Some years later he was hitting the studio and rocking stages nationally. Performing on festivals, radio and even releasing two cds independently in the world of hip hop.

The transition came when he got in touch with the dance scene. He quickly fell in love with the overall vibe, the music and the people that attended these parties.

Armed with all the experience he gathered in the years while performing on stage and writing lyrics are now combined to give the world something new...

Jochem Westerhof (Better known as Tricky Gullivan) Is marching on and is expanding his playground very quickly. He played alongside many big names from the likes of Tom Swoon, Blasterjaxx, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Dj Chucky, Benny Rodrigues, Ralvero and Jimmy Clash.

Here is a small list with his recent highlights :

ADE, Amsterdam 2017/2018
Gem Fest Georgia 2017
Electric Love Festival, Austria 2017
Ultra Europe, Croatia 2017
Ultra Europe, Croatia 2018 (Mainstage)
Asia Tour, 2018 China, Japan, Myanmar, Thailand

The silent kid from the back of the class found his voice on stage, standing in front of a crowd. Amplifying every dj set, event and festival, to a whole nother level.

Tricky Gullivan is a force to be reckoned with.



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